Accidental Life Insurance

Because accidents are unexpected, secure yourself and your loved ones.

This accidental life insurance product protects you and you family against the risks you might face in your daily life.

Product Features

  • You are eligible for this life insurance plan if you are aged between 18 and 64 years old, not residing in Africa, and not practicing one of the predefined risky professions.
  • You can secure your peace of mind with an affordable premium and a flexible payment method.
  • You will be covered against Accidental and Natural Death, Total and Partial Permanent Disability due to an accident, and Passive War Risks.
  • You will benefit from a contract issuance on the spot and a guaranteed renewability with no requirements.
  • You can modify any criteria in your contract whenever you deem it necessary, based on your evolving insurance need.

For a $15,000 sum insured, the monthly premium would be $2.

For a $75,000 sum insured, the monthly premium would be $10.

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